Eddy Arnold

I just figured out who Eddy Arnold is while I was looking up stuff for my game it came up. He plays one of the songs on my game that came out in 1945 its called Its A Sin. Now I like Eddy Arnold and wander what else he sings. Eddy Arnold also sings The Cattle Call   and Make The World Go Away. If you know any more please leave a comment.


Why Did I Choose To Press The Success Key

This is an assignment in the reading workshop

I pressed the success key because I want to be successful in life. To be successful in life I have to be successful in school which means doing well in school and not goofing off. I do not want to be like the students that were goofing off I want to have good grades and have success in school.

The Main Character

I just finished Timescape by Robert Liparulo. This is an assignment in the Reading Workshop to write about the main characters problems and how it makes the book interesting.

The problem David has is that he is in Taksidian’s house. He gets stuck in there and theres skeletons all around him and he is wondering how many people got stuck there like him. David then starts screaming for his big  brother Xander and know body answers him. Thats when the book ended.

This made it interesting because you don’t know what will happen to David. It also makes it interesting by leaving you hanging you don’t know were Xander might end up you don’t know were their dad might end up and you don’t know if David will get out or not.

This was a really good book I highly recommend it. Make sure you start with House Of Dark Shadows then Watcher In The Woods The Gatekeepers Then Timescape. Thank you Robert Liparulo for writing these wonderful books.

Dear Mr.McGuire Letter

This is an assignment in the Reading Workshop. We have to write something that was exciting or weird in our book. My book that I am reading is called Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo it is the third book in the Dream House Kings series.

Dear Mr.McGuire,                                                                                                   3/19/12

A weird thing in my book is that Jesse says that the house was talking to him and that it was hungry. There was another part were they went threw a portal to a world were they could fly. In the book they are looking for their mom and David gets woke up by Toria his little sister and he thought it was his mom and starts crying.

There grandma is also lost in a portal and they found her in a big war. When they took her back to the house she could barely memorize all the children. Then there dad and uncle Jesse got home and she knew who there dad was but she didn’t know Jesse until he said he was the uncle.

This is a really good book I recommend it to anyone who likes creepy exciting books. Be sure to start on the House Of Dark Shadows if you want to read the series.

Jack Deirfield

Mr. McGuire Letter

I am Reading Watcher In The Woods The author is Robert Liparulo. This is an assignment in the Reading Workshop.

This assignment is to write about what the author in our classes books does to make it exciting. My book is really exciting I recommend it to people you like creepy books and books that leave you hanging.

Dear Mr. McGuire,                                                                               3/5/12

What Robert Liparulo does is that he leaves you hanging after every chapter and it makes you want to read on and on. He also makes it really creepy. He makes it creepy by getting the characters hurt bad at the end of chapters and you wander if their alive or not.

He also has good settings he sets it up in really creepy places like the house that there trying to live in. In one of the settings it is world war 2 and there is a tank and it almost kills David which is one of the main characters.

There was another in the first book that a bunch of Indian hunters and three tigers was chasing David through the forest and Xander his big brother had to save him and get back to the house.

Visit Dream house Kings.


Jack Deirfield

What I Inference Whats Going to Happen

This is my Inference on whats going to happen in the book House Of Dark Shadows written by Robert Liparulo.

I think that David is going to get away from the tigers on chapter 34 because Xander came and is helping him get out of the tigers feeding area. I also think that they are going to convince their parents to move away from the house. I think that they will get out of the hole and find their way back to the house and then move away from it.

My Pets


I have two pets to my self one is a Bearded Dragon named Beanie he tries to bite every body but me. When he is in a bad mood though he even bites me. My other pet is a Leopard Gecko he does not bite at all and he will hang onto my shirt all the time while I walk around with him. His name is Thomas and sometimes I can get him to lick my finger.

Here is a Bearded Dragon.



Here is a Leopard Gecko.



House Of Dark Shadows

The House Of Dark Shadows is written by Robert Liparulo. It is a fantastic book and I would recommend it to any one who likes  3:15 or Skeleton Creek. The House Of Dark Shadows is the first book in the series the second is Watcher In the Woods the third is Gatekeepers the fourth is Time Scape and the fifth one is Whirlwind and the last is Frenzy. You will have a great time reading it if you like creepy series books.







My talent is being outside and building forts. It could impact the because I could run a wild life preserve. I could also be a guide at my wild life preserve and tell people about animals in the area. If I did get a wild life preserve I would have a large cabin in it with animals in it.

It would also persuade people to get outside and do stuff other than watching TV or on the computer all day.


I like being happy.  I am not happy a lot of the time but I am happy the rest of the time. Sometimes I am happy but mad at the same time like neutral. One of the times that I was happy/moody was when my family was having a party at my house (witch was the happy thing) but I wasn’t aloud riding my dirt bike (witch was the moody thing). A happy time was when we went to Kings Island  or when we go to North Carolina every year. Some happy times are random to, like when the TV is free and I get it. Then theres the unhappy times to like when the TV is not open. I think most people think as me a happy person though. Being happy makes my life a lot better. I think that being happy is so much better than being grouchy.